About Fidel's Our Story

The first thing you should know is that Fidel is our dog.

And the second thing you should know is that he came with that name when we rescued him. We decided to keep it because, well, he is kind of a terror.

So it fits. Now, onto the restaurant:

We named the restaurant after Fidel the dog, because he's vibrant and playful. Much like the thoughtfully crafted dishes and drinks you'll find on our menu.


From our tacos to our posole, everything at Fidel's is made from scratch with clean, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Our handcrafted plates and cocktails mingle heritage ingredients with vibrant, eccentric flavors for an exciting and unabashed culinary experience.

You've found a faithful friend in us.

You'll find neither watered-down personalities nor watered-down drinks here. So if you're in the mood for full-flavored food and fun, book a table.

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